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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My new Blogs

Salam....i have no time to develop this blog..but alhamdulillah i just push myself to create this blog just for fun or my mind theraphy..bleh gitu:P. Dah lama dah since i stayed in Manchester for 3 years as fulltime housewife...but now baru bleh create this blog after dah tak jadi surirumah..hmmm... i really mised to be suri rumah kids also missed me as a fulltime mummy...sian anak2 ibu. Ibu sekarang agak busy sikit..tapi rasanye as a housewife lagi busy hehehe...sumer benda nak, baking, reading, chating, shopping and bla bla bla..Oklah membebel is my interest huhu.

I really need this blog just to expressed my feeling and of course sharing my baking story hehe.

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